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Virtualization VMware/Hyper V

Most of the businesses are starting to use virtualization as they realize that this service can unleash the true potential of the technology. SwanCloud offers revolutionary IT management solution with its wonderful virtualization services that is a‍‍‍ great boon for the enterprises. Unlike the old times, virtualization increases your business’s efficiency by allowing running multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine. Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you increase the flexibility of your existing assets. In the modern fast-pacing world, you really don’t want to wait to switch computers for running applications; virtualization offers an efficient way to use multiple small machines on a single large machine.

About VMware

VMware is the leading virtualization software which makes it possible for more than one instances of the operating system to be run on the single server. SwanCloud offers you a plethora of virtualization services to validate and increase your proficiency in the field of Information Technology. VMware is used to improve the performance of the guest operating systems within the virtualization infrastructure.

About Hyper V

Introduced by Microsoft in 2008, Hyper V is virtualization software that has brought many benefits like low space requirement, resource saving, energy cost saving, etc. to the computing world. It is an attractive standalone version that offers cache changes to virtual hardware for writing at a later time. It allows the user to discard any changes done to the operating system and allows it to boot from a known state.


- Low space requirement.

- Resource saving.

- Energy cost saving.

- Booting of the system from a known state.

Benefits of Virtualization

- Consolidation: This is one of the major benefits of virtualization which reduces the total no of servers and helps in the efficient usage of computer server resources.

- Reduced hardware costs: Unlike old times when each application required its own server, virtualization has made it possible for a single physical server to hold multiple virtual machines, thereby reducing the hardware costs.

- Energy saving: Every component generates heat which must be drawn away using fans or air-conditioners that require power. Virtualization reduces the energy costs up to 80%. It is because less hardware means less power consumption.

- Increased productivity: Since virtualization has helped in using lesser no of devices, it has become easy to manage and maintain the devices. Since less time is required for maintenance, maximum of the available time is used for driving business initiatives and raising revenues, thereby increasing the business’s productivity.

SwanCloud helps you boost your business productivity and efficiency with its wonderful virtualization services. ‍‍‍

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