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Email/Spam Protection

The email communications are still flowing with the business continuity. SwanCloud offers plausible email/spam protection services to meet the needs of even the most complex enterprises. Our exquisite services separate the emails based on types allowing you to access the important ones and discarding the malicious emails. With the growing market competition, the email downtime may be a threat to a business’s growth and productivity, and therefore, our services provide protection against email outages too. We strive hard towards protecting your critical information and equipping you with the right intelligence to respond quickly to the adversities. We provide solutions for data leak, data filtration, etc.

Mitigating Threats

Cyber breaches are the greatest threats in the digital world where emails are an excellent source of communication within various businesses. Our email/spam protection services are a boon to increase business security and productivity. Without a proper spam protection, the businesses may spend a lot of time on needless emails. However, with the appropriate use of the services, the business performance may be enhanced. Our services mitigate the threats of phishing attacks, viruses, and malware.

What is the Need for this Service?

Any organization or business doesn’t only rely on telephones for communication, but emails are also an important part of sharing sensitive data. In case of a cyber breach, this data can be stolen by the hackers. Thus, there is a great need for email protection services.

- Our services provide virus protection.

- These control the inbound and outbound mail flooding and provide legitimate email traffic.

- Our services prevent buffer overflows and phishing.

- From the business point of view, these services help in increasing productivity and enhancing the performance.

Benefits of the Service

There are several benefits of the email/spam protection services, like-

- Safeguarding sensitive data: We provide great encryption features so that no third party can view the sensitive business information.

- Shielding against threats: The emails are always under cyber threats and risks such as malware, spam, and viruses. Our services secure the emails from the scams.

- Data leak prevention: Our wonderful se‍‍‍rvices allow organizations to encrypt the emails, thereby, preventing data from leaks and threats.

- Blocking spam emails: We know that spam is a really huge hassle, our spam protection services protect the users from dealing with the spam.

In this way, SwanCloud protects the clients’ from prying eyes of the cyber attackers. ‍‍‍

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